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J. Morita USA

Feather Microsurgical Blades

Feather Microsurgical Blades

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Feather Microsurgical Blades are made of high-quality stainless steel with a two-step grinding process which produces ultra-sharp cutting edges. The round/tapered shape is specifically designed for dental surgery and offers easy handling. They allow surgical precision with a very fine incision and are thus ideal for microsurgery and use with a microscope. Feather blades are appropriate for a wide variety of procedures for periodontal and regenerative surgery such as sulcus incision on thin gingiva, creating flaps, molar surgery, papillary incisions, and much more. All blades are gamma-sterilized and can be used immediately after opening the package. Multiple handle designs are available. Additionally, these blades are compatible with any standard-sized blade handle. 

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